Dear One! You have a physical body that is an extremely intricate system which is affected by so many different factors. Your thoughts, belief systems on a moment to moment basis, your surroundings, daily habits, foods you eat, people you associate with and most importantly the level of corporation with the will of the Universe, God, your Higher Self (or whatever name you are pleased with to use here) you are willing to have. People are very interesting when it comes to reinforcement and motivation to stay on path! We tend to get lazy, angry, hedonistic, self abusive, unaware…etc and we also have such a great tendency for denial and a tendency for coming up with clever excuses for living a sloppy, unmotivated, unhealthy, unbalanced life.
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​Fortunately God has made the human energy system in a way where humans will not get away with self abusive behaviors or with attitudes that harm the self or others in both the physical and the spiritual realms. We all have an inbuilt alarm system to let us know that we are off path! This alarm system works its charm with illness! The human body suffers minor to life threatening diseases to make us pay attention to our lives and to self correct! Right now we live in an era where the relationship between the human energy system and a list of internal and external factors are widely studied and researched. More and more modalities for creating a balance are discovered and spread across the world to be used by everyone. Applied Kinesiology, Distance Healing, Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Cranial Sacral therapy…etc just to name a few are used worldwide to heal, clear, and balance the human body/mind /spirit and heart energies. We live in a very lucky time for these modalities are widely available and accessible! 

I feel very blessed and grateful for having the gift to heal others and also for being able to take an advantage of all the complimenting ways to come into full balance. Your aura and cells in your body contain the full information about your state of being. It is your personal library that shifts and changes as you go through life! Since everything is frequency it is only natural that with the appropriate vibration frequencies all misalignments can be corrected, cleansed and healed. ENERGY HEALING is a practice where I channel powerful healing frequencies for you and for your body and energy field to integrate to right away jump start your own healing process. Over the years of healing others I discovered this healing energy to be super intelligent and accurate for it knows the amount and the type of energy your body will need and be able to integrate. All I do is open the "gates" and let these energies come in. It is a beautiful process to see aches and pains and long time sufferings subside in just a short session. After all these years enabling people to live with less agony I still feel like there is a small miracle in the works when I see pain falling away!

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